Bookmarks Collage

Tired of watching papers waste at the corner of my room, i was thinking to do something rather than just throw it away to the trash bin.. so i tried to recycle it and finally made these cute paper dolls collage and it can be used as bookmark..

Veiled girl (1)..

Veiled girl (2)..

Little boy..

Japanesse girl..


Cute girl..

hey, don't just take a look.. you can do it yourself if you want.. it's very easy.. :)

I'll make it again, again, and again..
And i'll upload it soon..


  1. wow...fantastic!
    was the present from you made of used paper?!

    I'll keep it forever..:)

  2. yup.. hehehe..
    Hoko, translate ur story on ur blog to english..!!!! i can't understand.. hehehe..

  3. keren.......put...

    buat yang banyak.... talinya ntar buat dari anyamanku aja...
    minggu ini (13/3/11) kita berkreasi dirumahku nyok...


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