I Love Red (Part 2): Red Saga Seeds

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I saw red saga seeds for the first time at my campus laboratory as specimen collection. I was really excited with its bright red color, of course. I asked my friends to know what the name of that seed was, because there was no information on it, but sadly nobody knew.

My curiosity then was answered when i went to On-Rust Island (in Thousand Islands, Jakarta). I finally found so many seeds scattered away on the ground and also its trees as I walked around the island. And somebody told me that the name of the plant was Saga Tree.

The Saga Tree (Adenanthera pavonina), or also known as Coral Tree, Red Sandalwood, Saga, is native to India and South Asia. This tree is well known and almost popular for its bright red seeds, it's also known as love seeds. Saga tree can grow up reach until 20-30 meters. In Indonesia, especially i see on some places in Jakarta, the saga trees are planted along roads cause it's believed to be able to fix nitrogen and thus help rejuvenate soils.

The Saga Tree fruit is curved hanging green pods that turn brown, coiled up and split open as they ripen to reveal small bright red seeds. The seed is rich in protein and some research says it's higher than soy bean. In addition, red saga seeds also contain high fat acid used for alternative energy resource, such as Bio diesel.

The red seeds also common to be used for artwork, accessories, traditional games, or just for fun collection. And don't you know that the small bright red seeds are uniform in weight?? Believe it or not, the weight on every four of seeds is always 1 gram (compiled from various sources).

Photos taken from: http://www.imafulltimemummy.com and http://3.bp.blogspot.com


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