Reap strawberries in Cibodas

(August, 07, 2011) After making process of KEHATI Award promotional video at a nursery in Cibodas, I and my friends found a time to take a peek at a strawberry park near the location.


At this park, we can buy strawberries by picking it up from its trees. To do that, the gardener carried each of us with a basket and scissors.


Then we started to pick the strawberries by cutting with scissors. After almost 30 mins walking around among the strawberry plant sacks, I and my friends just reaped up to 15 strawberries fruit.

Then we decided to weigh our strawberries together. 1 kg of strawberries equal to 50.000 rupiahs. But our strawberries didn’t reach 1 kg, it was just 0,5 kg. The gardener then wrapped the strawberries and grouped it into 4 small boxes.


Anyway, we reaped in joy.. Open-mouthed smile

More pics..



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